Imagine a world without music, visuals or sound…..
our world would be such a dull place with our senses not fully utilised!

Music plays an integral part in our lives, and more so, in our worship services.
It helps to tickle our senses, and connects us with our emotions.

In 1 Chronicles 23:5, the Lord emphasised how important music was in worship
when he had dedicated four thousand people for the ministry of music!!

Think about how powerful music can be, that it brought down the walls of Jericho!!

At SACC, it is no different. Our music ministry,
comprising of Singers and musicians, projectionists and the sound crew
all play an important part in our worship service.
Many of us in the ministry serve not just because of our love for music,
but also for the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, who inspires all forms of music.
We help to set the stage for the congregation to enter into the presence of God,
to assist us in being more receptive and sensitive to the presence of God.